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“Enrico Touché exemplifies why classic slapstick still #slaps.” Fringe Biscuit Magazine

Simon is a London based performer entertaining audiences on the cabaret circuit with his love for circus and clown; his work is always playful, accessible and inclusive. 

Enrico Touché is a comedy variety act with music, singing and clowning.  The world's first talking mime act.  An eccentric yet charming gentleman brings his radio onto stage to entertain you with an eclectic mix of Christina Aguilera, Franz Schubert and some serious mind-reading skills.   Enrico Touché - you will be touched.

Email or DM for enquiries.

"...neatly executed physical comedy, with their performances in each scene completely on the money."  The List.

"The chaps are lovely and the shtick is absolutely delightful..." Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

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